Byron Bay Massage Clinic

Bodyalignment  is a unique treatment of massage in Byron Bay. Developed by Adrian Shortland through the past 13 years of dedication to lecturing,research in the field of Natural Therapies and thousands of hands-on massage hours.

Adrian’s studio is located at 9 Shirley Lane, Byron Bay.

Adrian specialises in:

  • Chronic Neck and Back Pain
  • Lifestyle Injuries,Rehabilitation and Prevention
  • Postural work/Bodyalignment
  • Corrective Exercise Therapy

Bodyalignment is unique as Adrian constantly asses the body through postural movements and muscle testing, resulting in the findings of overused muscles, these are then released by applying Deep Tissue Massage and Myofacial Release techniques to straighten the body for optimal movement, decreasing risks to Chronic injuries leading to a happy pain free life.

All Health Refund rebates are available. Find out more About Adrian and the benefits of Massage Therapy.