5 ways to reduce tight shoulders.

A lot of our Chronic neck issues come from tight upper shoulders(upper trapezius & levator scapular). This usually comes about from overusing them in the workplace or in daily activity.The more we become aware of overusing them the less we will inhibit neck stiffness. Here are 5 tips to use in everyday life:

*When using a computer make sure your forearms are on the desk, if not your upper shoulders do all the work

*Don’t sleep with your arms above your head

*If you go the gym try to avoid any training that involves doing weights above your head, even better train your lower traps

*When doing yoga be aware of all your postures especially in downward dog that your not lifting your shoulders up, rather pulling them down.

*If you are a runner, run with your shoulders relaxed

Be Aware, if not try and stretch out those upper traps as I have shown you or get a good massage to get them released.


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