Computer awareness……

Anyone that does the same action 8 hours a day 5 days a week is going to have problems!!!! (PHYSICAL problems, that is..). Unfortunately this includes most of us office workers or Internet surfers. The complaint of SORE NECK and LOWER BACK pain is all so common..


Neck pain usually resides in the upper right shoulder due to overuse of the mouse and in between the shoulder blades from continual protrusion of the chest and neck. Posture is very hard to maintain at a computer as we tend to be so drawn into our work.

Try and beware of the most common postural misalignments.

*When using the mouse always have your forearm on the desk. A lot of us tend to rest our hand on the mouse and lift up our forearm, which is generated from the muscles in our upper shoulder. In doing this we constantly overuse our Upper Trapezius creating that burning neck pain.

*Try and sit back in your chair that offers good support and by this don’t compromise and protrude towards your screen, hours of this posture is going to pull your spine forward, creating an ugly Kyphosis or that “Hunchback Look” causing excessive pain at the bottom of your neck and in between your shoulder blades.

*If you use a laptop for long periods when working from home, put it on a phone book and get a cordless keypad. This will prevent you from looking down and over flexing your neck, once again contributing to neck pain.

*Constantly get up every hour or so and stretch out your chest (Pectoral Stretch) and neck (Upper Trapezius Stretch)

*After work, if you go to the gym Don’t go and do a spin class, it is exactly like sitting at a desk except you are spinning your legs. Use the Rowing Machine as your “de stressor “as it will strengthen all those back muscles that have been over stretched all day from the keyboard.



Spending long periods in a chair creates compression in your lower back when you do not use your CORE (stomach muscles). The whole weight of you upper torso including your head (around 5 kilos) is taken in the lower joints of your back. This causes lower back “COMPRESSION” giving you that shrinking feeling which is very similar when driving long distances in a car.


Try and beware of the most common postural misalignments.

*Try and use those stomach muscles even when sitting down, this will create a Corset like feeling that will help protect your lower back.

*Regularly get out of your chair and if you get a chance bend down and touch your toes, this will help stretch out the compressed lower vertebra’s of the spine. This is the one of the great benefits of doing yoga, which will help undo the day’s worth of sitting. Thank you for Downward Dogs and Forward Bends on the yoga mat.

*Try and use a good ergonomic chair. Pay the same price as you would for a lounge, as you will spend 5 times the amount of time on it. Even better Check out for the best-valued ergonomic chair that I have ever sat in (if you like them, let me know and I will get you a 20% discount).


Try and make some subtle changes to your posture at work, which can help your body over a lifetime.

Happy days at work…. Adrian


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