Epsom Salts

Screen shot 2013-06-12 at 8.16.04 AMModern medicine is now confirming what has been known as fact for centuries: That Epsom salts relieve muscle pain due to our everyday overuse of them.
Epsom salt gets its name from the place where it was discovered: Epsom in England. It is a mineral composed of magnesium and sulfate compounds, and magnesium is believed to play an important role in regulating the body’s functioning. Magnesium deficiency is now becoming common and the implications for health are far reaching. Magnesium sulfate is an essential building block of brain tissue and joint proteins, and it is also known as a strengthening agent of the walls of digestive tract. Since magnesium sulfate is readily absorbed through the skin, it makes complete sense to derive maximum benefit through the bath water.
As I regularly tell my clients, if you have a big training session or week at work overusing those upper traps and shoulders on the computer either get those overused muscles ironed out with a good deep tissue massage or have an Epsom salt bath.
Make sure the bath is really hot to open the pours of your skin and add to big cups of good quality Epsom salts and soak for a minimum of 20min.Then take time out to finally wind down!!


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