How much exercise is beneficial for weight loss?

A recent Danish study found that exercise is helpful for weight loss – but only the first 30 minutes of light exercise per day. Additional exercise had no effect on body weight – in fact it even seemed to diminish weight loss. Those who jogged for 60 minutes a day lost 2.2kilos, those who jogged for 30 minutes lost 3.

The main reason being is that those who exercised 30 minutes a day were seemingly energized by their exercise, as they became more active in their daily lives – more likely to take the stairs, for instance. Those who exercised 60 minutes a day, on the other hand, seemed to be worn down by their exercise, and became less active in daily life.

It seems that 30 minutes of exercise improved health by increasing metabolism and most importantly not needing to eat as much than when doing 60 minutes of exercise, which may diminish our well being. When it comes to exercise, perhaps less is better as long as it is consistent.



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