Is it best to get a Massage before or after Yoga?

It is such a common question I get after massaging at a Power Yoga Retreat.

Every Yogi wants the best for their body and with out a doubt both Massage and Yoga compliment each other.

Some students will get a deep tissue massage before a class and find the added benefits of being more open as the massage increases blood supply to the muscles and allows the fascia (outside layer of the muscles) to increase in length enabling the student to get into  postures  with a deeper hold which not only looks good:) but increases the stretch proprioceptors in the tight overused muscles of the body. Massage also contributes to balancing the body especially those office worker’s tight hips creating a much better alignment for their practice.

Massage after yoga has just as many benefits as the therapist’s work will help decrease the storage of lactic acid in the body allowing a quicker recovery of the muscles and with the use of Myofascial Techniques will help the stretch reflex coil memory of the muscles to stay at their increased length which is what yoga is all about.

If I had the option I would go with a massage after a class as it allows me to relax, become in tuned with my body and feel what needs to be worked on. A great reward especially after a 1.5hr Vinyasa Class.


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