POSTURE ………21/3/12

POSTURE basically refers to the body’s alignment and positioning with respect to the ever-present force of gravity.


Ideal Bodyalignment is where our bodyweight is balanced over the spine and so requiring minimal muscle effort. Once alignment is out, certain muscles get overused, causing fatigue and pain which leads to injury.


Being ‘aware’ and developing proactive postural habits is the foundation to a fit body that functions effectively therefore not predisposing our self to injury.




Who knows, I have never seen it. So being ‘aware’ of GOOD POSTURE, is the first step to breaking old postural habits. Once habits are broken our overused muscles, which have amazing memory (proprioceptors), learn that they have friends in other muscles that can take up the slack and save them from all the hard work that creates injuries.


The most common practice I find today with BAD POSTURE, which I will cover over the next couple of weeks, comes about from sitting at a computer (usually neck pain), standing or leaning unconsciously on one leg (usually lower back pain) and sleeping (all types of pain).


We will look at what muscles are being overused, how to be aware and alleviate this through stretching/yoga to balance things out and, most importantly, how to CORRECT POSTURE so that all our muscles are working together.



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