What are the best Oils to cook with……

I use a water-soluble oil to massage with in my clinic in Byron which allows less surface area between my hands and my client enabling me to go a lot deeper with my work. To cook with here is a great guide for those healthy home chefs.


Oils that are considered healthy and can withstand heat

Coconut oil:

Red palm oil (not to be confused with palm kernel oil):

Avocado oil:

Almond oil:


Healthy Oils for Low-to-Medium Heat Cooking

Extra-virgin olive oil:

Walnut oil:

Sesame seed oil:

Peanut oil:


Healthy Oils That Aren’t So Great for Cooking

Grapeseed oil:

Evening primrose:

Flaxseed oil:

Hemp oil:

Hazelnut oil:


Oils that May Have Negative Health Effects

Soybean oil:

Sunflower oil:

Safflower oil:

Canola oil:

Cottonseed oil:

Corn oil:


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