Why do we get headaches?


There are 2 types of headaches, Tension Headaches and Migraine’s.

Tension headaches are by far the most common and occur periodically in more then one third of adults. The 2 major contributes to these types of headaches are stress and Dehydration other factors can include food intolerances, hormones, TMJ dysfunction and even changes in the weather.

Stress causes muscular tension of the upper shoulders and neck, which attach to your head. Tightening of these muscles put extra pressure on the back of your cranium causing pain which can then refer to the front usually above your eyes, hence the “hatband headache”.

Dehydration is the other major factor that usually arises from lack of water in the body especially over the colder months of winter as we tend to drink less, and from the effects of drinking too much alcohol.

Then we have the poor old Migraine, which the autonomy is not fully understood but is believed to be a neurovascular disorder. It is not as simple as re hydrating yourself or de-stressing. Those unfortunate to get migraines usually feel the symptoms of nausea, blurred vision or auroras and will get relief by sleeping in a dark quite room.

If you do suffer from tension headaches, instead of popping pills, drink lots of water or even a cup of coffee will help short term to open the capillaries allowing increased blood flow to the brain and of course massage will release those tense muscles of the neck and shoulder alleviating the pain.


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