About BodyAlignment

Byron Bay Massage Clinic

Bodyalignment is a unique form of treatment that was founded over 15 years ago by Adrian Shortland. 

Adrian continues to interpret new research and refine his work to create proven approaches to treatment and rehabilitation. Bodyalignment has created much acclaim through Adrian working alongside Australia’s best therapists and elite athletes.

Adrian’s application of his ongoing dedication to lecturing, research and thousands of hands on massage hours continually expands the unique service at Bodyalignment.

What to expect at Bodyalignment

At Bodyalignment, Adrian conducts a postural assessment and muscle testing for all new clients before undergoing a program of massage and exercise therapy.

Adrian treats his patients accordingly and applies a range of deep tissue massage and myofascial release techniques to straighten the body for optimal movement, decreasing pain associated with chronic injuries and ultimately supporting you to lead a happy pain free life.

All Health Refund rebates are available at Bodyalignment. Find out more About Adrian and the benefits of Massage Therapy. Call us on 0412 430 262 to book in today.