Byron Bay Postural Assessment

Postural Assessment

Postural assessment and muscle testing will determine where you might be over using your muscles. Above all, it will support Adrian to get to the core of your imbalances quickly.

Prior to any treatment and therapy, Adrian will commence a posture review including muscle testing with each new client. This helps Adrian determine any fundamental or underlying issues that can often be the contributing factors to aches, pains and/or chronic injuries.

Most people have a limited understanding that over used muscles create dysfunction in the body. A treatment at Bodyalignment will see Adrian release and restore the issues that can cause chronic pain.

Common Cases in the Clinic

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to suffer pain and injuries. Four of the most common cases that Adrian treats are related to everyday lifestyle habits. They are:

  • A mother carrying children on her hips
  • Tradespeople that wear a heavy tool belt
  • Office workers who are desk bound and predominantly computer users
  • Sleeping patterns

Through a basic assessment and consultation Adrian will be a step closer to getting you back to full health. Book in your initial consultation for Byron Bay Postural Assessment today on 0412 430 262.

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